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Italy on Tap

Italy on TapSilver Fox Wines supply hand crafted wines from small vineyards around the world. We are proud to be associated with Italy on Tap. This forward-looking company offers single vineyard wines on draught.

The wines are produced and kegged at a small family vineyard in Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The family have been making wines for over 100 years and have great expertise.

Draught wines available now are Sparkling Glera (the Prosecco grape), Pinot Grigio and Merlot.

Wine on Tap in a bar

Our kegs have a longer shelf life than other kegs currently on the market.

Wine PumpOne keg equates to 32 bottles. When empty the keg can be recycled.

Which is easier?
Storing and keeping cool 32 bottles or one keg?

Which is easier?
Recycling 32 bottles and the boxes they arrived in, or one keg?

We can offer a standalone unit with 1 – 3 taps with an internal compressor, or fully install a cellar system using your cellar gas.

Ideal for that special event where you have a temporary bar serving alcohol or in the popular cocktail bars or restaurants where speed of service is paramount.

These quality wines will enhance your drinks offerings and save you money.

If your company wish to serve customers with a quality wine and increase profits you should contact us.

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