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Kelvin K2 Wine Thermometer


Serving white wine straight from the fridge or red wine at room temperature often means that the wine isn’t at the optimum temperature to allow you to enjoy it at its best.

Likewise, serving red wines at 20-22 ˚C – the temperature we set our central heating to – means that the tannins lose their structure.

The Kelvin K2 uses the latest Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity, combined with recent advances in aerial technology, to send the temperature information to your smartphone (often from inside your refrigerator).

When you have your Kelvin K2 you can download the free iOS or Android app which will then bluetooth to the clip and monitor your wine as it is chilling. The App offers all the information you need to get the best from every bottle of wine.

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Your phone display will automatically change colour as the wine alters temperature.
Blue too cold, Red too warm, Green just right.

“I believe that wine temperature has a profound impact on the taste of wine. Kelvin will unlock the door for you to the world of fine wine, and make you adore it even more.”

– Takashi Kamikatahira – Senior Sommelier – Tokyo

Kelvin K2 Wine Thermometer


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