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Kelvin Duo Wine Thermometer


Kelvin Duo Wine Thermometer


“Serving Wine At The Correct Temperature Makes All The Difference”

Kelvin Wine Thermometer

Serving white wine straight from the fridge or red wine at room temperature often means that the wine isn’t at the optimum temperature to allow you to enjoy it at its best.

Our fridges are usually set to around 5˚C but at this temperature the bouquet and subtlety of sauvignon blanc or chardonnay wines is not apparent.

Kelvin Wine Thermometer

Likewise, serving red wines at 20-22 ˚C – the temperature we set our central heating to – means that the tannins lose their structure.

“Warm white wine and cold red wine?”

Not really. Good practice is to remove your white wine from the fridge 30 minutes before you serve it and chill your red wine to around 17˚C.
Using a wine thermometer removes the guess work.

The Kelvin Duo Wine Thermometer

One of the best wine gadgets on the market
A must for any wine lover.

The Kelvin Duo Wine Thermometer is made up from two parts. The transmitter clip and the receiver. The sensor clips onto the wine bottle and transmits the wine’s temperature to a receiver up to 5 metres away. The receiver has temperature settings for 10 varieties of wine and you can even set 3 custom temperatures.

If the receiver is flashing red the wine is too warm, flashing blue means the wine is too cool and green indicates the perfect temperature for serving.

Kelvin Wine ThermometerKelvin Duo Wine Thermometer includes:

  • Transmitter clip
  • Base receiver display unit. (requires 3 x AAA batteries, not included)
  • Instruction manual
  • USB recharge lead
  • Retail box with wine list

What do critics say about wine temperature?

When wine is too cold you can hardly taste it. When it’s too warm, it tastes flabby and defuse. Most wine, whether it’s at home or in restaurants, is served at the wrong temperature.”
– New York Magazine –

“I’m fully convinced that serving temperature has a startling effect on the taste of a wine. And don’t serve those reds too warm!”
– Wineanorak.com –

“When it comes to serving wine perfectly, temperature matters. If you change the temperature, you change the wine”
– bibendum-wine.com –

Serving wine at the ideal temperature is a vital factor in your enjoyment of wine.
– Wine for Dummies –

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    Kelvin Duo Wine Thermometer


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