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Age of vampires2

Age of Vampires


Plum Brandy with a mild gold color, a medium strong taste, with silky clean-cut fruit flavours.

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Product Description

Premium plum distillate produced and handbottled by the experts in Transylvania, with great care to craft a perfectly harmonious aroma.

Most legends are born at a certain moment in time. Most… but Dracula is beyond temporality; his origins are a mystery, his path, a maze filled with blood and passion. What we know about him is mere speculation. Yet, stories about him make people shiver all around the world. He has many faces and many names. He transforms at will, but he will never alter. His spirit remains the same through time, as does the spirit in this bottle – a genuine drop of immortality, a scent of legend, a token of history. Born in dark ages and refined by time, always tempting and tender at first sight, but strong and overwhelming when in your blood, Transylvanian Horinca will certainly leave a mark on you. Superstitions say that this liquid has the power to carry you away, to drag you into the world of secrecy, in the time of blood and shadows, in the Age… of the Vampires!


It has a mild gold color with a medium strong taste, with silky clean-cut fruit flavours.

To obtain 700ml of distillate are used 7 kg of plums.

Recommended to be served very cold, just before the meal.

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Transylavania (Romania)







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