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Legend of Dracula Cabernet Sauvignon


Ruby red with ripe black fruit, delicate notes of vanilla with mild tannins.

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Product Description

Ruby red, with dominant aromas of red fruits. Taste of ripe black fruit, with delicate notes of vanilla, chocolate, pepper and cinnamon even in post taste. The fine structure and mild tannins make the wine easy to drink.
The wine is prepared entirely from grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon variety coming from the Dealu Mare which is the homeland of red wines in Romania, the seventh largest country producer of grapes in the world.

The grapes are sorted and de-stemmed and sent to the fermenter. The fermentation lasted several days. Vinification calls for the repeated punching down of the cap to maximize the extraction of the polyphonic compounds and colour components which will give the finished wine its distinctive style. When fermentation is over, the new wine is left in contact with the skins for a few more days to allow the alcohol to extract their finer tannins. The new wine is carefully drawn off into stainless steel vats for malolactic fermentation.

Food Match: Barbeque, Pasta or Cheese

Serve at 16 – 18 degs.

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Dealu Mare (Romania)




Cabernet Sauvignon







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