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Sol de Andes Sauvignon Blanc

*Sol de Andes Sauvignon Blanc


Good bright aromas of gooseberry with the hint of something more tropical.
Fresh and lively on the palate with a clean refreshing acidity and a vibrant finish.

Minimum Order is 6 Bottles

Please Note: This doesn't have to be 6 of the same bottle, it can be mixed.

Orders in multiples of 6 thereafter

Product Description

An expensive grape to grow well, Sauvignon Blanc is extremely vigorous and requires a great deal of training and pruning to keep it in check.
Also, if the soil and climate it grows in are not totally suited to its requirements then the resulting wine can easily end up being either tart and lean or bland and flabby.
However; you have nothing to worry about with this Sol De Andes Sauvignon Blanc.

Food Match: Light salads but  also ideal as an aperitif.

Additional Information




Chile, South America


Maule (Chile)


Sauvignon Blanc





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