Rich Whitehead

Just like to say what an excellent service from Silver Fox Wines. Order was made on Tues 28 April and was delivered on the morning of Thurs 30 April.

Thanks to Kevin, who phoned me (unfortunately I wasn’t available) and left a lovely message explaining what was happening with the order and delivery. I can’t speak highly enough of the company and will definitely be using again.

Once again, many thanks from a well satisfied customer.

Take care and stay safe.

Mark Heywood

I couldn’t be happier with the service from Silver Fox Wines Ltd. My wine was delivered the next working day by Kevin (who I can confirm is indeed a Silver Fox). I found no difficulty in sourcing wines at the best price on their website and the whole process has been a breeze.

Louise McKevitt

We approached Kevin and requested a wine tasting evening for 17 friends with an open invitation to present a variety of wines and what a good decision that was.  We were welcomed to a fizz, followed by two delicious whites, a rose requested by the ladies and three reds of various character. We were introduced to new regional wines from Romania and up and coming wines from a variety of countries. Kevin fully explained why these wines had been chosen and we couldn’t disagree as we had a full explanation of each.

We were introduced to the aerator which was demonstrated and subsequently ordered online once the results had been proven to enrich the wine.

All in all a fun, informative evening at a great price.   Highly recommended.

Thanks for a great evening,



Jessica Schofield (Do-Re-Mi Singing)

Rowland at Silver Fox Wines helped a family friend out with some wine she had been searching for.

After a trip to Greece she was desperate to find the Cypriot wine she had enjoyed on a wine tasting at a local vineyard.
When hearing that I knew Rowland “The Wine Man” she asked me if he could find the wine she had been searching for. She had asked around local wine sellers and nobody was able to help her. We sent the link of the vineyard to Rowland and he really went above and beyond. Not only did contact the vineyard to source the wine but when he realised they do not export to the UK, he then found the exact grape variety and a wine that tasted identical.

Our family friend is very impressed with the service she received and has said she will not hesitate to use Rowland’s services again.

If you would like someone that goes above and beyond, and that is knowlegable about wine then Rowland is your man. Nothing was too much of a chore and he was extremely helpful. We will be refering him to friends in future due to the excellent service has provided.


Alan Harvey

I purchased a Von Chef Wine Aerator, from the Silver Fox in Dec 2016 as a Christmas present for my brother in law.
I went down to visit him recently and was greeted with, “That is the best Christmas present you have ever purchased for me.  I use it all the time and what a difference it make too the wine. Thank you so much”.

Mr Alan Harvey

Ian Allinson

Last weekend, we had some very discerning guests from a wine point of view. They really appreciate high quality red wine.

Rowland suggested to me an Australian Cabernet Sauvignon called Woody Nook Gallaghers Choice and supplied me with a case.

I have to say that all involved thought it was a fabulous choice and thoroughly approved of the wine.”

Thanks very much,


Simon Dee

Having booked a wine tasting with Silver Fox Wines some months ago your patience was finally rewarded when the evening itself was finally arranged to take place.
Unfortunately some people were unable to attend but this did not detract from the evening.

Rowland provided a fun relaxed evening which was very informative. He was able to answer any question directed at him and everyone learnt a lot about the wines, where they came from and how they were produced. Rowland was also able to point out some interesting do’s and dont’s when purchasing wine.

Thank you for a very entertaining evening and I would have no hesitation in recommending one of Silver Fox Wines’ tasting evenings to anyone that has an interest in wine.

Simon Dee

Freelance Graphic Design

Tracy Holland

Dear Rowland of Silver Fox Wines

My son John Gallagher of Your Bespoke Space had recommended you and your wines to ourselves and had booked a wine tasting evening. Unfortunately our night had to be postponed on our part.
We were not completely disappointed, as we received bottles of red and white wines from Jon, supplied by Silver Fox Wines as a gift, along with a Kelvin Wine Thermometer. We had been told about the thermometers and what a difference it makes to the taste of wines being at the right temperature.

Having used the thermometer and enjoyed the wines we are planning on a wine tasting evening in the new year and sampling more wines.


Tracy Holland
Office Manager

Claire Thompson (Body & Soul Therapies)

You kindly stepped in to assist me at a networking social event and I just wanted to thank you and remind people why they should be utilising Silver Fox Wines.

You were knowledegable, personable, humorous, patient with people with many questions and the wine boffins and made the evening a really special event.

The wine itself was amazing and I think a few were surprised at the quality compared to the cost.

Thank you again for stepping in and I will happily recommend you and your fabulous wines to all my friends and contacts.

Claire Thompson

Steven Roberts (Regional Building Assessments)

Cruising the aisles of Morrisons, Asda and Tesco, I’ve been doing that for years.
Closing my eyes, plucking bottles from shelves, tastings ending in tears.
I curtail my shopping trips and concentrate instead on kegs of beers.
My wife soldiers on wading through tannins and sulphates and adding to my years.


I meet a guy called Glyn, do a job for him.
He says come and meet my Diamonds, see how they shine.
He’s not kidding, there’s a geezer there called Rowland and he knows about wine.

So forget the clubcard points. There’s only one Nectar and its not in a box.
Learn about aeration, and temperature, educate your friends and call Silver Fox.
Or as my wife likes to say “Call that nice Mr Wayward”

Think outside the box, have some bottle, call the Fox.

Steve Roberts RBA

Jody Osborne

Hi Rowland

Having read a previous testimonial on your website I was intrigued by the wine bottle thermometer.  And after our telephone conversation regarding the item, I went ahead and purchased it.  I must say it made drinking the wine a little more fun and helped me fine tune my refrigerators at home to a better, more friendly (and economical) temperature.

I would also like to commend Silver Fox Wines and yourself on your excellent customer service, second to none.

Jody Osborne

John Hopwood

Dear Rowland
I am writing this in recognition of the service you have recently provided me.
A relative of mine recently had a christening and I was at a loss of a suitable present to buy. So in true tradition I ordered a case of wine from Silver Fox Wines.
With a very tight time schedule you not only delivered the wine but the bottles came complete with personalised labels celebrating the occasion.
I have to say the parents of the child were so impressed they have asked for your details and intend to contact you regarding wine for their impending wedding.

I would personally like to offer my thanks for an excellent, professional service which you provided, with excellent tasting wine as well as a unique present which the family will treasure.

Your sincerely

John Hopwood
Consultant Director
Shippon Health & Safety

Liz Clayton

Dear Rowland

I would like to thank you for a lovely wine tasting evening.
You advised me of the procedures in advance so I had a good idea what to expect.
However I was not expecting such a fun and interesting experience. The evening was educational whilst being very enjoyable.

Providing the glasses for us was a brilliant idea and I did not have to wash them either.
I have no hesitation in recommending to others.

Many thanks

Liz Clayton

Miriam Souaidi – BP Insurance Brokers

I just wanted to say how surprised I am in the difference that drinking wine at the correct temperature makes AND who would have thought I’d been doing it so wrong for so long.
I think it makes the biggest difference with red wine where I think me along with the majority of the country think, or for me thought, it should be drunk at room temperature.
Having now got the temperature right, I can honestly say it has a huge impact on the taste.

The sensor for the Wine Thermometer itself sits like a little collar round the bottle and is rechargeable which is a nice little adage bearing in mind I’ll be using it a lot. There’s also a guide in the box that indicated what category your wine falls into…ie full / medium bodied reds etc which then tallies up with the thermometer base and tells you what temperature your wine should be at. Its then a case of sitting tight until your wine reaches perfect temperature and at that point you can sit back, relax and enjoy!

I’ve bought several gadgets in the past, the majority of which have now taken up residence in the back of kitchen cupboards never to see the light of day again but I have to say that this ones staying in easy reach read to use whenever I have a glass of wine.
I would urge anyone who likes wine to give this a try, its reasonably priced and really REALLY does make for a better drinking experience.

Dave Allen – Recycling Lives

I have been using the Kelvin wine thermometer I bought from Silver Fox wines and have found it very good.
It’s nice to be able to easily establish a wines correct temperature and drink at that temperature without having to use a traditional thermometer which requires opening the bottle. knowing what the temperature should be and constantly taking it from the fridge to check it.
The Kelvin does it for you wirelessly.


Chrissie Fuller – MiTeamShirts

What a super little gadget!
Easy to use with the instructions supplied in the box.
Having the right temperature definitely improves the taste of your wine quite significantly.
I bought the wireless wine thermometer from Silver Fox Wines and it makes it easy to get right.
Wouldn’t be without it now, especially when trying new wines!
Well worth the money!

Paul Wilkinson

Dear Roland

I bought one of your Kelvin thermometers as a Christmas present for my dad. I really liked the look of them and unbeknown to me my wife bought one as well for me after your demonstration!

It has really opened my eyes (and taste buds) to the importance and pleasure of drinking wine at the ideal temperature.
It is a great gadget for showing off to friends or just enjoying it for a quiet night.

I highly recommend this product and is a great addition to a well stocked wine collection.

I am also really impressed with the service when one of the thermometers was faulty. I contacted the company direct  and they exchanged the product with no quibbles or problems. I was very impressed with this.

Kind regards

Jane Sowden

Rowland Hayward
Silver Fox Wines
Date 12th October 2015
Ref: Wine Tasting Evening
Dear Rowland
I would like to thank you for the fabulous wine tasting evening you presented at my house a couple of weeks ago.
You were very professional and knowledgeable, despite being heckled by l5 or l6 slightly inebriated women.
We all had a great evening and we now know how to hold our glasses, swirl look for legs and spit. … Ok so you know that’s never going to happen!
The quality of wine was superb and everyone who bought has commented on how lovely it all was.
As you know, my guilty pleasure is port and I can honestly say I have never tasted a nicer one than yours….. it won’t be long before I need yet another case delivering, l’m half way through
this seccnd one!
I would highly recommend a wine tasting evening with Rowland, its good fun, educational and something a bit different for a great night for friends and family.
Kind regards


Julia Uttley

Just to say thank you very much for a brilliant wine tasting Saturday evening.

We all really enjoyed trying the very special handcrafted wines you brought along – a fabulous selection of whites and reds & perfect timing for our Christmas orders!

Carole Sweeting – Sweeting HR

Dear Rowland,
I just wanted to say a big thank you for the brilliant wine tasting party you
hosted at my home a few weeks ago.
Without exception our friends in attendance on the evening have all
commented on what a great, unique experience they had.
You were very prepared for the night, turning up early with all the “tools of the trade.
Your explanation and descriptions of all of the wines were both
knowledgeable and entertaining….even down to how we were to taste the
wines effectively.
Most impressive was your ability to target the information to both “experts” and “novices” which was noted after you left.
The wines themselves are beautiful and I am sure you will get repeat orders and more bookings.
Thank you for an excellent time and we will be recommending you and coming back for more in the future.

Kind regards
Carole Sweeting

Neil Landmann

Dear Rowland,
We have ordered from you several times now, and I can’t remember a single bottle we have not enjoyed.
However some we enjoyed more than others and one in particular was the Sherwood Estate NZ Sauvignon Blanc.
You took time to call me to let me know that it was running out and if I wanted anymore I would need to order fast to avoid disappointment.
As I had just taken delivery of a case at that time I wasn’t ready for any more. So unknown to me and to save my disappoinment, you took it upon yourself to get a case of the remaining stock and hold it for me with no obligation, in the event that I might wish to order it again.
Well that time had come and I recently took delivery of 12 bottles of the Sherwood Estate you had in stock which will keep us going for a few weeks. Unfortunately I now need to find something to replace it when we’re through these.  Oh dear more wine tastingl
Thls was only possible due to your attention to detail and follow up from our initial order to find out what we had enloyed.
lf you had not made the call you would never have known, and you would not have reserved the stock for me.

For this I am grateful and it just shows the value of follow up calls to your dients.
I would havc no hesitation recommending you Rowland, and Silver Fox Wines to any of my family, friends or colleagues.
Neil Landmann

Adam Ward

Dear Rowland
A few months ago I bought just one bottle of the DOCG Prosecco that you sell as I was really impressed with just the look of the bottle.
I bought it as a gift for a friend.
I must say that they were extremely impressed with the taste of the Prosecco and the look and design of the bottle.
After such a good review of the product I decided to buy a case of the Prosecco as a few of my friends had birthdays coming up and I thought they would be great present ideas as the Prosecco went down so well previously. After giving the Prosecco out as a gift to my friends, my prediction was correct. They both loved it!
One of them loved it that much they decided to open it there and then so that I had the opportunity to try the Prosecco with them and I must say it was very nice indeed, the other friend decided that the bottle was so good looking that she wanted to dlsplay it and save it for another time.
Rowland’s customer service was excellent and he even offered to deliver the wines himself.
I think this proves that Rowland only supplies the best quality and a unique range of wines that will not fail to please.
I will have no hesitation in recommending Rowland’s wines to my friends, family and colleagues and I will definitely be buying wines off Rowland again.

Adam Ward

Alex Cosgrove, EweMove

Dear Rowland,

 I would like to thank you for supplying my business with some good quality red and white wine as well as some DOCG quality Prosecco, all labelled with the Ewemove Logo and the perfect gift to allow my new homeowners to toast their purchase.

As I have bought the wine to give away I have personally ordered some extra bottles to try myself, after all I need to know I am giving my clients the best! I can confirm that the Prosecco hits just the right spot, and took Rowland’s advice by ordering the extra dry, as he said it actually tastes sweeter than the Brut, which I can now confirm as correct! lt also comes in a beautiful bottle, which adds to the occasion.

The order arrived in a timely fashion and was delivered personally to my business by Rowland himself, good service all the way.

I would not hesitate to recommend Rowland for his service and his wines and I am so pleased that I can rely on his advice in choosing the right wine for the occasion.

Best regards,
Alex Cosgrave
Branch Director, Ewemove, Lytham St Annes

Anne-Marie Flood: Mathew Seed Photography

Following the launch of Rowland’s new website I decided that I should try it
out as it was a great excuse to fill up my wine rack!
I found the website extremely easy to use and liked the ability to sort by wine
style, country, region and grape variety! That said, it was good to know that
Rowland was available on the phone to discuss his recommendations, based
on my individual preferences. I then placed my order online and promptly
received a summary of the wines I had ordered and confirmation of all pricing.
The wine was personally delivered by Rowland a couple of days later, just in
time for the weekend.
lf you haven’t yet tried Silver Fox Wines, I would highly recommend that you
contact Rowland for a chat and then go online to order some fabulous
boutique wine. You won’t be disappointed!

Mark Drage: Ambeldene Online

Life is far too short to drink strangely-priced, mass-produced supermarket wines.
Buying from an independent wine merchant though can be an intimidating
experience, which can leave you with wine that’s not much better but with a much emptier wallet.
Not so with Rowland, the Silver Fox!
Rowland is both knowledgeable and approachable; he genuinely wants to provide wines that you will enjoy.
Twice now, after Rowland’s recommendation, I have bought Woody Nook Shiraz.
Woody Nook is a muiti-award winning, boutique winery in Western Australia who trust Rowland to be their sole distributor in the North West of England.
The wines were terrific, matched the food perfectly and cost much less than you might expect.
l would urge you to trust Rowland, listen to his advice and buy your wines from the
Silver Fox.


Neil Landmann: Light-U-Ltd

Dear Rowland,
We recently finished the last bottle from a mixed case of wine we had from you a couple of months ago.
Although we enjoyed all the wines tremendously there was one particular New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc that stood out.
Now I’m not a massive white wine drinker but I found this one a little gem.
As always ordering with yourself is a quick and simple process and you’re always keen to chat about new stock and what is obviously something you love to do.
Again I cannot fault the service or the product you provide and I’m happy to pay a little bit more for the guaranteed quality.
I would have no hesitation recommending you Rowland, and Silver Fox Wines to any of my family, friends or colleagues.

Neil Landmann
Managing Director Light-U Limited

Sue Swain

I would like to thank Mr Rowland Hayward for conducting a second Wine Tasting evening at my home, to help me raise funds for my chosen charity, the British Heart Foundation-

This is a novel and entertaining way to raise monies and created great interest among my friends and family.

Rowland was very helpful in advising me how best to raise additional monies for the charity. He was happy to provide a wine orientated quiz and we also held a raffle and sealed bids for certain items to boost donations. Rowland kindly donated 5% of all the sales proceeds to the charity.

For added interest, Rowland made this event a blind tasting to encourage us to savour the wine and contemplate the notes. We were encouraged to guess the type of grape, the alcohol content and the origin of each wine, and for the most part we failed miserably but this added to the overall enjoyment, with Rowland donating a free bottle of wine to the winner.

I am very pleased to report that we raised £300 for the British Heart Foundation and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening. In total, from Rowland’s tastings, I have now raised £547 for my charity and could not be more grateful for his support.

I highly recommend a wine tasting event as it is both enjoyable and educational and a fun way to raise monies for charity.

Many thanks once again Rowland for your expertise and support. Sue Swain

Nadia de Pol

I would like to thank Mr Rowland Hayward for his Wine Tasting evening recently held at my home, in order to raise funds for charity.

I am fund raising for the British Heart Foundation with my friend Sue Swain and due to her own successful fund raising event with Rowland, I decided to try this novel idea with my friends and family.

The evening raised a lot of interest and Rowland was very helpful in advising me how best to raise additional monies for my chosen charity. Rowland provided a wine orientated quiz and we also held a raffle. He also kindly donated 5% of all the sales proceeds to the charity.

I am very pleased to report that we raised £233 for the British Heart Foundation and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I highly recommend a wine tasting event as it is both enjoyable and educational and a fun way to raise monies for your chosen charities.

My friend Sue has arranged yet another wine tasting event and I am sure her evening will be a further fund raising success. Many thanks Rowland for your expertise and support.

Jim Leaver

Dear Rowland,
On behaif of the Worsthorne Men’s’ Group a big thank you for arranging the pre-Christmas wine tasting.
Everyone who attended the evening really enjoyed your engaging manner and warm repartee and you presented some excellent wines.
You brought everything we needed for a fun and interesting tasting including the wine glasses
There was a good atmosphere on the night helped with the generous tastings on offer and the cheese and biscuits made it into a banquet – well maybe a supper!
It put the Fun back into Fund Raising.
I will not hesitate to recommend you, Rowland, not only to my business contacts but also to my friends and family and we will be inviting you back to Worsthorne.
Yours sincerely

David Procter: Just Wills & Legal Services

Dear Rowland

Thank you for the advice and excellent service you provided.

We briefly discussed my requirements and desires in a good wine, You offered two Reds at very competitive prices.
The Case was delivered in two days with a free bottle of Prosecco. The quality was excellent. You also offered to source an exclusive white German wine I have not been able to purchase for many years. I understand you have nearly succeeded it achieving this. I look forward to buying more from you in the near future.

I would not hesitate in recommending you to any friends, family or business contacts .

Keep up the great work.

Regards David Procter
Just Wills

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