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Donna Griffiths

Dear Kevin,

We would like to say thank you for a wonderful evening on Saturday it gave us something to look forward to in the strange world and you didn’t disappoint.

Your knowledge and respect for the group was truly appreciated and so professionally done.

In fact although we would have preferred a face to face gathering it was actually far better as everyone could share the flavours of the wine with no worries of driving anywhere which for half the group would have been a bonus!

Everyone has commented and thanked you and said they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Kind regards


Paula Hignett

What a brilliant night. Our surprise virtual cheese and wine evening. Wine supplied by the wonderful silverfoxwinesltd, lots of belly laughs and cheese gags 😂

Soo Rowett

Big THANK YOU to Silver Fox Wines for a brilliant virtual wine tasting on Friday evening. Kevin chose some lovely wines and made the evening fun.
What a fab way to spend time with friends – trying new wines, eating cheese & chatting over zoom 🍷 🍷 cheers all.

Robert Harris

I would like to thank Kevin from Silver Fox Wines Ltd for his help and support in choosing a case of fine wines.  I’ve always had an interest in wines and Kevin took time out to give me tasting notes on what to look for and how each bottle should be best enjoyed. It broadened my knowledge as well as my interest, and I dare say it’s improved my palate!  The wines are not the usual names found in the supermarket, which is a bonus, as the selections available are outstanding. I’ve also developed a taste for Italian red wine, and who could have seen that one coming? Thank you Kevin and I look forward to trying out some new recommendations soon!

Lynn Rennison

We are not wine connoisseurs, we told Silver Fox Wines, the types of grape we tend to go for and left it up to them to choose for us. We had a selection of 12 wines delivered. So far we have enjoyed everyone. Will definitely be purchasing from them again and stock up for Christmas.

Rich Whitehead

Just like to say what an excellent service from Silver Fox Wines. Order was made on Tues 28 April and was delivered on the morning of Thurs 30 April.

Thanks to Kevin, who phoned me (unfortunately I wasn’t available) and left a lovely message explaining what was happening with the order and delivery. I can’t speak highly enough of the company and will definitely be using again.

Once again, many thanks from a well satisfied customer.

Take care and stay safe.

Mark Heywood

I couldn’t be happier with the service from Silver Fox Wines Ltd. My wine was delivered the next working day by Kevin (who I can confirm is indeed a Silver Fox). I found no difficulty in sourcing wines at the best price on their website and the whole process has been a breeze.

Louise McKevitt

We approached Kevin and requested a wine tasting evening for 17 friends with an open invitation to present a variety of wines and what a good decision that was.  We were welcomed to a fizz, followed by two delicious whites, a rose requested by the ladies and three reds of various character. We were introduced to new regional wines from Romania and up and coming wines from a variety of countries. Kevin fully explained why these wines had been chosen and we couldn’t disagree as we had a full explanation of each.

We were introduced to the aerator which was demonstrated and subsequently ordered online once the results had been proven to enrich the wine.

All in all a fun, informative evening at a great price.   Highly recommended.

Thanks for a great evening,



Jessica Schofield (Do-Re-Mi Singing)

Rowland at Silver Fox Wines helped a family friend out with some wine she had been searching for.

After a trip to Greece she was desperate to find the Cypriot wine she had enjoyed on a wine tasting at a local vineyard.
When hearing that I knew Rowland “The Wine Man” she asked me if he could find the wine she had been searching for. She had asked around local wine sellers and nobody was able to help her. We sent the link of the vineyard to Rowland and he really went above and beyond. Not only did contact the vineyard to source the wine but when he realised they do not export to the UK, he then found the exact grape variety and a wine that tasted identical.

Our family friend is very impressed with the service she received and has said she will not hesitate to use Rowland’s services again.

If you would like someone that goes above and beyond, and that is knowlegable about wine then Rowland is your man. Nothing was too much of a chore and he was extremely helpful. We will be refering him to friends in future due to the excellent service has provided.


Alan Harvey

I purchased a Von Chef Wine Aerator, from the Silver Fox in Dec 2016 as a Christmas present for my brother in law.
I went down to visit him recently and was greeted with, “That is the best Christmas present you have ever purchased for me.  I use it all the time and what a difference it make too the wine. Thank you so much”.

Mr Alan Harvey

Ian Allinson

Last weekend, we had some very discerning guests from a wine point of view. They really appreciate high quality red wine.

Rowland suggested to me an Australian Cabernet Sauvignon called Woody Nook Gallaghers Choice and supplied me with a case.

I have to say that all involved thought it was a fabulous choice and thoroughly approved of the wine.”

Thanks very much,


Simon Dee

Having booked a wine tasting with Silver Fox Wines some months ago your patience was finally rewarded when the evening itself was finally arranged to take place.
Unfortunately some people were unable to attend but this did not detract from the evening.

Rowland provided a fun relaxed evening which was very informative. He was able to answer any question directed at him and everyone learnt a lot about the wines, where they came from and how they were produced. Rowland was also able to point out some interesting do’s and dont’s when purchasing wine.

Thank you for a very entertaining evening and I would have no hesitation in recommending one of Silver Fox Wines’ tasting evenings to anyone that has an interest in wine.

Simon Dee

Freelance Graphic Design

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