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#BIO Range

Grupo Italiano Vino is one of the largest wine companies in Italy, and the owner of over 15 wineries across the whole country focusing on regional specialties. With the BIO project, they are applying their experience and knowledge onto a range of beautiful, organic wines from key varietals and regions. Natural fertilisers and low environmental impact practices are applied to the vines, while the cellars only use the energy produced by renewable sources, reducing CO2 emissions, and managing water and waste in a sustainable manner. The use of technological support is reduced in favour of an empirical understanding of nature, the environment and terroir.

The resulting wines are great expressions of the Italian wine culture, showing bright fruit characters and pleasant lightness at an excellent price point. Best shared with family and friends!

Prosecco DOC – Veneto, Italy (North)

#Bio Organic Prosecco

Prosecco quickly became Italy’s best-known sparkling, and today over 500 million bottles are produced every year top cope with the global demand. Unfortunately, this means some producers preferred to cut corners to increase volumes, with a direct detrimental impact of quality. #BIO Prosecco DOC isn’t one of them. The vineyards – all between 150-200metres above sea level and southeast facing, produce deliciously ripe grape from the Glera varietal, and quality winemaking preserves the aromatic and floral character we all enjoy about prosecco. Extra dry, fruit forward with fine bubbles and a delicate, fresh palate – this is a beautiful example of Prosecco. A great step up from better known brand, that also doesn’t cost the earth. Enjoy in great company.


#Bio Organic Grillo

Sicily made a name for itself for its cuisine and sun kissed landscapes. While its red wines tend to be the most talked about, let’s not forget its white varietals. Catarratto may sometimes appear a little neutral, Grillo on the contrary displays a range of flavours and aromas, from yellow apple to nectarines with Mediterranean herbs and orange blossom undertones. #BIO Grillo is the perfect accompaniment to grilled fish, summer salads, and roasted poultry.


#Bio Organic Primitivo

Also called Zinfandel outside of Italy, #BIO Primitivo comes from Salento in Puglia, the heel of Italy. Partly aged for 6 months in French oak, its fresh fruit notes and bold character are beautifully balanced. The deep, purple colour is an invitation to concentrated, rich, jammy flavours of black berries, cherries, raspberry with hints of vanilla and liquorice. Velvety on the palate, it’s the perfect wine to sit down and relax after a long day or with a meaty, comforting stew.


#Bio Organic Chianti

Coming from the hills of Tuscany at an average of 200-300m, #BIO Chianti is a surprisingly bright and fruit forward wine, unlike the richer, bolder style the region is known for. Here the Sangiovese is singing, with violet and raspberry on the nose, moving to more moreish flavours of cherries, wild strawberries, and a touch of almond. A brilliant bottle that will pair beautifully with lamb, game, poultry, a roast or a meaty pie. 

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