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How To Choose The Best Wine Glasses For You

Certain wine glasses perform better than others (there’s actually some science to back this up). That being said, what are the best wine glasses for you? You can drink wine from whatever vessel you want, be it a wine glass, coffee cup, mason jar, or egg cup. Really, you do not have to use a… Read more »

Which wine goes well with lamb?

Many reds from the classic grape varieties are wonderful if you’re looking to pair wine with lamb. When matching wine with lamb it’s important to pay close attention to the cut of meat you’ve acquired, plus how you are going to cook it and serve it. Below, we’ve looked at the three most popular ways… Read more »

Special Offers

Available in a small quantity, at a great price, are these 3 wines. Best to buy before stocks dwindle. Or just look at some of the other wines in our shop.

What is a New World Wine?

New World vs Old World: What’s the Difference? In the broadest of terms, it comes down to where modern winemaking traditions originated. Beyond this, a couple of other key factors in taste and flavour get lumped under the stylistic references to “old world” and “new world” wines. (As you can guess, there are a few… Read more »

English White Wines

We are introducing a range of English wines from an East Sussex vineyard – Carr Taylor. 3 white still wines and a sparkling wine. 1066 – Light and fragrant – medium dry Cannonball – Crisp with a balanced sweetness Bacchus – Premium aromatic wine with a fresh palate Why not try all 3? 2 of… Read more »

How Long Can you Keep an Opened Bottle of Wine?

How to store opened wine without it going bad depends on the type of wine and how you store it. The graphic below breaks it down. Generally, the lighter the wine, the faster it goes bad. Tannins in wine help preserve them as does alcohol—which is why robust reds and fortified wines last longest. Richly… Read more »

Wine in Space??

Twelve bottles of Bordeaux red wine and 320 vine canes aboard a SpaceX ‘Dragon’ cargo craft plunged into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida this week after a year at the International Space Station (ISS). Rather than merely providing a hobby vineyard for astronauts, the wines and vine canes were blasted into space… Read more »

Wine labels – part 2

How much do wine labels influence us? After looking at the branding, the next important item is the provenance of the wine.  Wine Provenance After you have looked at the design of the label, it is possible to read on the label information pertaining to the basic provenance of the wine so you can obtain… Read more »

Wine labels… part 1

Do they influence you? If you are looking for a new varietal or bottle of wine to drink when you’re just starting to explore the world of wine it can be a little exasperating. The process usually involves starting with what you know, followed by a comparison of prices and discounts, and then label staring… Read more »

The great wine temperature adventure begins

Have you ever thought about the temperature of the wine you are about to open?? Why does it matter? Red and white wines have different chemical compositions that influence their sensory perception and their sensory traits so they need to be served at different temperatures to bring out their best flavours. For example, white wines… Read more »

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

 Here at Silver Fox Wines Ltd we have been fully operational during this very tough year for all of us. Just some brief highlights from the year: We have been delivering within 20 miles of Preston for freeWe have the Blue Light scheme in place giving 10% off to our NHS and key workersWe have reduced the prices… Read more »

Something different!

We just had to tell you about a British Nouveau wine, not the French, but British! A vineyard in Herefordshire announced it has produced the first British Beaujolais Nouveau. The Sixteen Ridges Estate’s quick fermented wine is paler, lighter bodied and sweeter than non-nouveau wines. It sold out within 24 hours! Sixteen Ridges Vineyard

Cottam Card

For people who live locally in Cottam, Preston if they have the Cottam Card, loyalty to us as a local business means free bottles of wine! Read more

Wines on Sale

Currently we are experiencing some problems regarding obtaining some of our wines. Warehouses are closed so some wines are not available and our selection is slightly reduced. This will change when we come out of lockdown. In the meanwhile, for a limited period, we have been able to cut the price of more than a… Read more »

Wine of the Month

Père et Fils Chardonnay We have a fairly dry chardonnay which has beautiful fruity flavours and a hint of fennel. This makes it very popular with fish dishes, as well as pasta and poultry. This wine is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It started life in the vines of the Pays d’Oc region in France…. Read more »

Red Wine Collections

As we come into Autumn and then winter, we are thinking about those hearty stews or casseroles. Or maybe a delicious steak. Here at Silver Fox Wines Ltd we pride ourselves on high quality wines from around the world and giving you something different that you would not take a second look at in a… Read more »

Vegan wines

November is World Vegan Month Silver Fox Wines Ltd has nearly 80 wines suitable for those who prefer vegan or vegetarian wines.  These come from a variety of countries, made with different grapes. Prices range from £7.75 for a Costa Cruz Rosada to £29.75 for a delicious Amarone Elite. Vegan wines are made without using animal… Read more »

Making Life Easier….

The Best Wine in the World is the Wine YOU Like Here at Silver Fox Wines Ltd we are always looking at ways to make life easier. So thinking about your experiences, do you walk up and down supermarket wine aisles looking at the choice and wondering just what to have for that evening glug… Read more »

A Question of Choice

Is there too much to choose from? Do you struggle to make your mind up what to buy? We are here to help. Try our latest selection of wines, picked just for you, with Halloween in mind. The name Dracula given to the Vampire Lord created by the novelist Bram Stoker was inspired by Vlad’s… Read more »

Wine of the Month

Comahue Pinot Noir This wine is becoming a firm favourite if you like ripe fruit flavours with hints of spice and vanilla. The wine is produced from manually harvested grapes. The aging, after fermentation, is in French and American oak barrels for 9 months. To find out more about this wonderful wine and the winery… Read more »

Corks vs Screw Caps

Corks are the classic choice in the question of what goes between you and your wine. However, there’s been some surprising proof that shows how the corks vs screw caps argument is not as black and white as it seems.Which is better: corks or screw caps? If you say corks are better, you’re both right… Read more »

The Changing face of Silver Fox Wines Ltd

Today we are launching our new range of wines, from different countries such as Thailand, India, Austria and Lebanon. We have already added more than 50 new wines and there are still more to come! Also, we have changed the way our website looks and feels. Have a look . Hopefully you will find it… Read more »

A bottle made from paper?

We are very interested in finding out more about a company who have produced a wine bottle made from recycled paperboard that is five times lighter that a normal glass bottle. The bottle looks like a regular bottle, but the makers say it has a carbon footprint that is a sixth of a regular glass… Read more »

A lovely recommendation!

It is always good to know that Silver Fox Wines Ltd is respected as an authority when it comes to choosing wine. Recently in the Independant, there was a review of light chardonnays and one of ours, The Tucumen Reserve Chardonnay, is highlighted. See the review Do have a look in our shop to see… Read more »

Wine from Georgia

We are now delighted to be able to offer you a new range of wines from Georgia, these wines have just arrived in the UK and we have been lucky enough to be selected as one of the businesses that can sell them here in the UK. Georgia has been the heart of vine/grape science,… Read more »

New Summer Premium Collections

Choose from either a white, sparkling, red or mixed case of wine, at a reduced price. Handpicked wines for you to enjoy during the summer months. Summer Premium Sparkling Just £59.99, reduced from £70.00. Includes free delivery. Summer Premium White Just £49.99 reduced from £60.00. Includes free delivery. Summer Premium Red Just £59.99 reduced from… Read more »

BBQ drinks

As the sun sets later and the evenings grow warmer, everyone gathers out on the patio or in the garden, soaking up the aromas of barbecued specialities that are cooking. With spice rubs and a profusion of sauces to fill the air, it’s no wonder we’re drawn to the barbecue like bees to honey. But… Read more »

Supporting our Front Line Workers

The Blue Light Card The discount service for the Emergency Services, NHS, social care sector and Armed Forces. They provide discounts online and on the high street through a physical Blue Light Card. If you are in the UK’s Emergency Services, NHS, social care sector or Armed Forces, sign up for free today! Silver Fox… Read more »

The Winner

Thank you for entering the competition we held that finished at 6pm on Wednesday 20th May. Congratulations to Laura Harrison who is going to receive a case of our most popular wines valued at £70. We’ve been absolutely overawed by the incredible number of entries and support for our business. As a thank you for… Read more »

Competition Time!

Silver Fox Wines Ltd are holding a quick competition, on Facebook and Instagram. We are offering a FREE case of 6 quality wines, 3 white wines and 3 red wines worth £70 including delivery.  They are some of the most popular wines we are currently selling. Just 1. Follow Silver Fox Wines Ltd on Facebook… Read more »

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