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Optimum Drinking Temperatures

  In this hot weather we have had a question from several of our customers who ask; What is the quickest and most effective way of cooling a warm bottle of wine? Should I use an ice bucket or a jacket from the freezer? Kevin says: You can wrap the bottle in a wet cloth… Read more »

Spotlight on Romanian Wines

So, what is the big deal about Romania? It’s one of the oldest – and youngest – winemaking countries in the world, with a history that goes back 4000 years, but with a 40-year hiatus during the Communist era. Did you know? The biggest wine collection in the world with over 1.5 million bottles, recorded… Read more »

May Special Offers and Free Delivery

Fantastic offers just for you!!   Domaine Horgelus Sauvignon / Gros Manseng £13.50 reduced to £10.00 Massive savings! Buy Now DOR Brut White Sparkling – Bostavan £11.00 reduced to £10.00 Cheaper than champagne in supermarkets! Buy Now Astoria ‘el Ruden’ Veneto Rosso I.G.T £14.25 reduced to  £12.50  Fantastic value Buy Now ALSO FOR THE NEXT 2 WEEKS ONLY GET FREE DELIVERY ON ALL WINE… Read more »

Spice aromas in red wine

Do you know how to get the best whiff out of your wine? If you are a professional, the method you could use would be to take 2 sniffs which are short, followed by a slower longer sniff.  Doing it in this way allows your nose to be primed for the last sniff which helps… Read more »

Have you got cloudy wine glasses??

Cloudy glassware is due to the build up of hard water minerals plus the extended time your stems spend in the dishwasher during the cycle, especially the heat of drying them. Commercial glass washing machines in restaurants have mineral filters in them to avoid this. The other key difference is the wash cycle only lasts… Read more »

Does extreme cold damage vines in their dormant phase…?

Yes, extreme cold temperatures can injure grapevines – buds can even freeze. Across Europe and the US this year we have again seen severe weather conditions that will have an effect on the wine harvest this year. The temperature at which this happens varies according to the grape variety and the time during dormancy. During… Read more »

World’s oldest vine

I was told the world’s oldest productive vine is 400 years old. Is this true? If so, where is it? According to Guinness World Records, the world’s oldest vine still producing fruit does indeed date back four centuries and can be found in Slovenia’s Stajerska region, on the frontage of a house in the Lent… Read more »

Silver Fox Wines goes Ltd

As from the 1st January 2018 Silver Fox Wines becomes a limited company and moves its centre of operations from Thornton Cleveleys to Cottam in Preston. The new directors of the company are Kevin and Lesley Thomas. Kevin has been assisting the founder of the company, Rowland, over the last year or so at various… Read more »

The “Tears” or “Legs” of Wine

Most of us will have been in a situation where we are in a gathering drinking wine when one know it all holds up his wine glass, swirls the wine and says, “Look at this wine’s legs. They are  terrific. This is a real high-quality wine.” This is rubbish. The tears or legs, whatever you… Read more »

Calories in Wine

Are you confused about how many calories there are in wine? If you are health conscious you probably check the labels on food to check this. However the labels on wine do not need to carry such information. Each day, it seems like a new study goes viral referring to the various claims that wine… Read more »

Flavours in Wine

Four main flavours, sweet, salty, sour, and bitter are all your tongue is capable of tasting, the long-lasting impression that wine leaves in your mouth is far more complex. When you drink or taste wine, your taste buds and your sense of smell are involved, adding to the way you interpret wine overall. The flavours,… Read more »

Wine Terms

FULL-BODIED This is used to describe the texture of the wine. Think of full-bodied as the difference between whole milk vs. skimmed milk. If you’re looking for something lighter, ask for something light- or medium-bodied, depending on your preference. EARTHY This word is less about the taste and more about the aroma. If you prefer… Read more »

Mistakes we make with wine

We all make mistakes while drinking wine, it isn’t difficult – you open a bottle, pour the wine in the glass and take a sip – there are several common mistakes many people make in this process. Here are five of the most common mistakes people make with wine, and how to correct them. You’re… Read more »

Six white wines to try

Some people love white wine, others swear they only drink red. But you shouldn’t overlook a nice glass of white wine without first diving in to see what you like and don’t like, avoiding sweeping judgments or assumptions along the way. This might surprise you, but there is a plethora of white wine styles out… Read more »

Bordeaux Left and Right Banks

Bordeaux can be quite intimidating especially in the often insane price tag. But the Left and Right Banks don’t need to be a part of what terrifies us about one of the most famous Old-World wine regions. They’re reasonably simple. We’ll start with what they are. You might have had no idea the Bordeaux region… Read more »

Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon

These are two of most popular red wine varieties in the world, but many people don’t know what makes each of them different and unique, or why you might prefer one to the other, so hopefully the following will give you a bit more insight. Both of these wines are great with food, especially meat,… Read more »

Crystals in Wine

You’ve chosen a bottle of wine that you want to enjoy, but when you pull the cork you find that the end of the cork that was inside the bottle is covered in little red or white crystals. Immediately you begin to wonder if this means there’s something wrong with the bottle that until five… Read more »

Our Shop Windows and Tastings

An ideal opportunity to have a fun day and try some new wines. 15th July – 16th July Great Eccleston Show Garstang Road Great Eccleston PR3 0YP 30th July Wyre Estuary Country Park Open Day (Free Entry) Stannah Thornton FY5 5LR 11.00 – 16.00 20th August Fleetwood Food and Drink Festival (Free Entry) Marine Hall… Read more »

Red Wines from Rioja

Rioja is one of the great wine regions of the world. Arguably it was wines from Rioja that put Spain on the map. The region’s red wines have become mainstays on restaurant wine lists across the country. But which Rioja should you buy? One thing that’s important to keep in mind is that Rioja comes… Read more »

Romania and Their Wines

So what is the big deal about Romania? Well Romania is one of the oldest ~ and youngest ~ winemaking countries in the world. Wine making goes back 4000 years. However there was a period of some forty years during the Communist era when, under the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu vineyards became state owned and winemaking… Read more »

Sulphites in Wine

Whilst carrying out wine tastings I often get asked about sulfites in wine. This is due to the fact that it states on all wine labels that the product “contains sulfites” (or sulphites). The labelling of food products containing sulphite became law following a number of deaths that occurred in the USA some years ago…. Read more »

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