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Have you got cloudy wine glasses??

Cloudy glassware is due to the build up of hard water minerals plus the extended time your stems spend in the dishwasher during the cycle, especially the heat of drying them. Commercial glass washing machines in restaurants have mineral filters in them to avoid this. The other key difference is the wash cycle only lasts a few minutes.

At home I always wash my glasses by hand in hot water with very little if any detergent, then immediately polish with a dry cotton cloth or a microfibre cloth. Once glasses have cloudiness it is hard to remove.

One though to help is to try soaking the glasses in vinegar to dissolve the minerals or rub the affected areas gently with bicarbonate of soda or even nail polish remover. Once that is done wash my hand and polish. I have heard that effervescent denture cleaners can help!!! These may not of course work if your glasses have been scratched permanently by the minerals.

So, the key is don’t wash your glasses in the dishwasher, wash them by hand as the problem will come back.

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