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Brunel De La Gardine Condrieu


This beautiful wine has a straw yellow core with a gold rim.
The nose is opulent and expressive; apricot, peach and quince aromas dominate, with notes of violets, honey and baking spices under.
It is rich and full-figured, is harmonious and well balanced with an almost buttery brioche finish.

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Condrieu lies on the right bank of the Rhône, bordering the départements of the Ardèche, the Rhône and the Loire. Its terrain is notable for its extremely steep slopes with gradients up to 50 degrees, making the growing and tending of vines really quite perilous.

Viognier is the sole permitted grape variety of this appellation where it was first grown. The reputation of its vineyards was born in Roman times and, despite enduring the torments of phylloxera and two World Wars, it inexplicably fell from favour and was reduced to just ten hectares of vines by 1960. Thanks to a surge in the popularity of Viognier in places such as California during the 1980s, the vineyards of Condrieu have subsequently experienced considerable expansion and today measure just over 100 hectares.

Food Match: Shell fish

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Rhone Valley (France), Condrieu (France)











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