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Chateauneuf Farguirol Chateauneuf-du-Pape


60% Grenache, 20% Syrah 10% Mourvédre and a 10% mix up of all the other 12 permitted varietals! Each varietal is vinified separately with 6-9 months maturation in large oak barrels. Black cherry and spice nose, long and fruity palate, leathery finish

Minimum Order is 6 Bottles

Please Note: This doesn't have to be 6 of the same bottle, it can be mixed.

Orders in multiples of 6 thereafter


The characteristic terroir of Châteauneuf comes from a layer of stones called “galets” (pebbles). The rocks are remnants of Alpine glaciers that have been smoothed over millennia by the Rhône. The stone retains heat during the day and releases it at night which can have an effect of hastening the ripening of grapes. The stones can also serve as a protective layer to help retain moisture in the soil during the dry summer months.

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Grenache, Mouvedre, Syrah/Shiraz


Rhone Valley (France)



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