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Chianti Riserva Volpetto


A highly concentrated bouquet and full-bodied, giving a smooth yet complex wine with a deep intensity of fruit and a powerful long finish.

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Volpetto Chianti Riserva has 12 months in oak, a highly concentrated bouquet, is well structured and full-bodied.

100% Sangiovese grapes are hand selected to ensure the best fruit which is fermented in concrete vats at a controlled temperature of about 22C with macro oxygenation that lasts for 12 days. Frequent delestages and pumping over occurs throughout fermentation in order to extract colour and achieve soft tannins, followed by malolactic fermentation. The juice is left in contact with the skins for 8 -10 days. The wine is then aged for 12 months in Slavonian oak barrels of 20 to 50Hl.

Volpetto’s Chiantis are based on the traditional Sangiovese grape but are totally modern wines, made using the best possible up-to-date methods to bring out the very best in the grape variety. They are classic styles updated to suit the contemporary palate for fruit-driven wines.

Chianti Riserva is an ideal wine for game and mature cheeses.

Volpetto, meaning fox cub, takes this name as a symbol of the Tuscan countryside. While previously feared, now foxes seen in their natural habitat are considered a sign that the area is in harmony with nature.

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