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Dracula White Collection (6 bottles)


2 bottles of each of the wines below and Free Delivery:

Legend of Dracula Chardonnay – Bright pale yellow with a floral aroma and nuances of citrus.  Smooth body and long aftertaste.

Legend of Dracula Feteasca Regala (organic) – Well balanced, fresh and semi-aromatic dry wine.

Castellum Dracula Sauvignon Blanc – Intense aromas of exotic fruits with mineral notes.

The wine is dry with a medium body, balanced with a lingering after-taste.

Includes Free Delivery


Legend of Dracula Chardonnay – Fresh, with a good balance between the acidity and the roundness, smooth body and long aftertaste.

ABV:  13%      Country: Romania       Grape: Chardonnay

Legend of Dracula Feteasca Regala (organic) – The Regală also has a citrusy edge to its character with lots of orange and lemony fruit.

ABV:  13%     Country: Romania     Grape: Feteasca Regala

Castellum Dracula Sauvignon Blanc – Castellum Dracula Sauvignon Blanc has a pale straw colour with brilliant clarity and a bouquet of green pepper, asparagus and fresh cut grass.

ABV:  13.5%     Country: Romania     Grape:  Sauvignon Blanc

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