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Hollick The Nectar


This Late Harvest wine has clean and lifted aromas of citrus and honey that lead into a deliciously rich and luscious palate filled with stonefruit and citrus.
Complex and balanced, the sweetness gives way to a crisp, acidic backbone and culminates in a pleasingly refreshing finish.

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This sweet wine made from Coonawarra Riesling from Hollick’s Wilgha vineyard.
During the summer of 2015 there were classic warm days and cool nights due to the upwelling of deep, cold water off the coast of the region. This allowed the fruit to ripen and to develop intense flavours. Hanging on the vines until late in the season, the harvest was delayed until the botrytis had crept its way throughout the entire vineyard. Slowly dehydrating the berries, it produced the concentrated, incredibly sweet and flavoursome fruit required for making a wine of this style. The grapes were carefully selected and harvested by hand. Gentle pressing and a long, cool fermentation retained the vibrant freshness of flavours.

It is said that the gloriously sweet, concentrated wines made from grapes infected by Noble Rot (Botrytis Cinerea) are indeed “The Nectar of the Gods”. The first botrytised wine made by Hollick was from the 1985 vintage and the team has developed quite a reputation for this style.

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Australia/New Zealand


Coonawarra (Australia)


White, Medium to Sweet









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