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Kopke Dry White Port


Dry and full bodied with a degree or richness and a hint of honey sweetness complementing a rounded and nutty finish.

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Chilled white Port makes an enjoyable summer apéritif or an alternative to wine or sherry when food matching. Kopke’s Dry White Port has more tank and less wood ageing than their Fine White version.

Drink white Port chilled straight up, ‘on the rocks’, or mix equal parts white Port and tonic or soda water and garnish with lime or mint.

Serve dry white Port with almonds, hard cheese, stone fruits, pâté or sushi, and sweet white Port with a light dessert such as sponge cake or a meringue shell filled with fresh fruit.

Once opened it will keep for up to a month in the fridge.

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Douro (Portugal)




Fortified, Port

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