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*Château Canet Minervois Blanc


Chateau Canet Minervois Blanc has zesty white grapefruit citrus and fresh pineapple tropical fruit aromas that characterise the nose. Initially fresh and elegant on the palate, the briefest of periods in oak softens and rounds off the finish and gives elegant balance.

Minimum Order is 6 Bottles

Please Note: This doesn't have to be 6 of the same bottle, it can be mixed.

Orders in multiples of 6 thereafter


Château Canet Minervois Blanc is something of a rarity as only around 6% of all Minervois wines are white. A 50/50 blend of Roussanne and Bourboulenc, it is matured in stainless steel for 8 months with a brief, 3 week “passage” in oak. This did not give any oak flavour but rounded off any sharp corners and made the wine a little softer.

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Languedoc-Roussillon (France)


Bourboulenc, Roussanne



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