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*NEW* Darling Cellars The Capeman Red Blend


This is a well balanced wine that is simply very drinkable!

From dry land bush vines, this red blend offers a wide range of flavours including red plums, cherries and crushed black pepper.

Minimum Order is 6 Bottles

Please Note: This doesn't have to be 6 of the same bottle, it can be mixed.

Orders in multiples of 6 thereafter


The Darling area is situated on the west coast of South Africa, some 50 miles north of Cape Town and surrounded on all sides by the Swartland region, and was given the Wine of Origin Darling demarcation in 2003. Some of Darling Cellars’ vineyards enjoy the coolness of the Darling Hills, just three miles from the roaring Atlantic, while others bask in sun in the flatter hinterland. Old bush vines and vast swathes of terroir lend diversity to the varietals and styles created here.

Serve this wine with smoked duck and roast lamb.

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South Africa


Carignan, Grenache, Mouvedre, Syrah/Shiraz


Darling (South Africa)



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