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Somewhere Else Torrontés / Pedro Gimenez


An unusual, perhaps unique, combination of the native Torrontes and PX – aka Pedro Gimenez.

Pale yellow with a greenish hue. The floral character of Torrontes is underplayed; instead citrus – lemon and grapefruit – is coupled with tropical fruit – banana, pineapple. A mouthfeel with a persistent crispness and a pleasant lively palate is outweighs its alcoholic strength.

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Somewhere Else is aptly names as it comes from the remote Tulum Valley at the foot of the Andes, 30km from San Juan. Before wine making arrived this arid region was populated by shepherds and their flocks. So rugged was the terrain sheep were often lost, with the locals claiming they were abducted by aliens – as shown on the label.

The region of San Juan is the second grape and wine producing region in the country, with over 47000ha planted. Tulum Valley, is the most important of the five in the province. These valleys have an annual average temperature of 17° C, precipitations of 90 mm. per year and alluvial soils made of sand and clay. This region’s climatic conditions have a high impact on the wine’s differentiating quality – fruity wines with unique personality and style. According to winemakers with a vast experience in the region, this characteristic is explained by the warm and very dry conditions and unique sun exposure of an average of 330 days a year, the very low level of precipitation.

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San Juan (Argentina)


Pedro Ximenez, Torrontes



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