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Red Wine Collections

As we come into Autumn and then winter, we are thinking about those hearty stews or casseroles. Or maybe a delicious steak. Here at Silver Fox Wines Ltd we pride ourselves on high quality wines from around the world and giving you something different that you would not take a second look at in a supermarket. To save you the trouble of looking for them, we have built 4 totally different red collections for you to just click on and go; what could be easier? This rich red collection will help you to take a case of 6 wines, 2 of each style hand picked for you by the Silver Fox.

Connoisseur’s Red Collection (6 bottles)

Rich Red I (6 bottles)

Tucumen Malbec, Miopasso Primitivo and Woolpunda Shiraz

Rich Red II (6 bottles)

Franschhoek Cellar Pinotage, Victoria Park Cabernet Sauvignon and Richland Black Shiraz

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