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Shrinking wine glasses!!

For many years our wine glasses having been growing more balloon like, but now it seems they are shrinking again. According to retailers such as John Lewis customers are seeking out smaller glasses and goblets. This is believed to be in a bid to reduce our alcohol intake or perhaps to make washing up easier. It has also been noted that pubs and restaurants have also been downsizing their glasses, offering a 125ml serving as their standard, rather than the typical 175ml, some have even removed the 250ml altogether. Studies have also found that it should bring health benefits and that people often drink more when they have larger glasses.

What we don’t want to happen is a move back to the 1980’s which saw those small Paris goblets. From our point of view the glasses should be of a reasonable size not massive, to allow the wine to aerate quicker, space to swirl your wine and not forgetting to be able to get your nose in to smell those delicious aromas.


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