Anne-Marie Flood: Mathew Seed Photography

Following the launch of Rowland’s new website I decided that I should try it
out as it was a great excuse to fill up my wine rack!
I found the website extremely easy to use and liked the ability to sort by wine
style, country, region and grape variety! That said, it was good to know that
Rowland was available on the phone to discuss his recommendations, based
on my individual preferences. I then placed my order online and promptly
received a summary of the wines I had ordered and confirmation of all pricing.
The wine was personally delivered by Rowland a couple of days later, just in
time for the weekend.
lf you haven’t yet tried Silver Fox Wines, I would highly recommend that you
contact Rowland for a chat and then go online to order some fabulous
boutique wine. You won’t be disappointed!

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