Carole Sweeting – Sweeting HR

Dear Rowland,
I just wanted to say a big thank you for the brilliant wine tasting party you
hosted at my home a few weeks ago.
Without exception our friends in attendance on the evening have all
commented on what a great, unique experience they had.
You were very prepared for the night, turning up early with all the “tools of the trade.
Your explanation and descriptions of all of the wines were both
knowledgeable and entertaining….even down to how we were to taste the
wines effectively.
Most impressive was your ability to target the information to both “experts” and “novices” which was noted after you left.
The wines themselves are beautiful and I am sure you will get repeat orders and more bookings.
Thank you for an excellent time and we will be recommending you and coming back for more in the future.

Kind regards
Carole Sweeting

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