Jane Sowden

Rowland Hayward
Silver Fox Wines
Date 12th October 2015
Ref: Wine Tasting Evening
Dear Rowland
I would like to thank you for the fabulous wine tasting evening you presented at my house a couple of weeks ago.
You were very professional and knowledgeable, despite being heckled by l5 or l6 slightly inebriated women.
We all had a great evening and we now know how to hold our glasses, swirl look for legs and spit. … Ok so you know that’s never going to happen!
The quality of wine was superb and everyone who bought has commented on how lovely it all was.
As you know, my guilty pleasure is port and I can honestly say I have never tasted a nicer one than yours….. it won’t be long before I need yet another case delivering, l’m half way through
this seccnd one!
I would highly recommend a wine tasting evening with Rowland, its good fun, educational and something a bit different for a great night for friends and family.
Kind regards


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