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Jessica Schofield (Do-Re-Mi Singing)

Rowland at Silver Fox Wines helped a family friend out with some wine she had been searching for.

After a trip to Greece she was desperate to find the Cypriot wine she had enjoyed on a wine tasting at a local vineyard.
When hearing that I knew Rowland “The Wine Man” she asked me if he could find the wine she had been searching for. She had asked around local wine sellers and nobody was able to help her. We sent the link of the vineyard to Rowland and he really went above and beyond. Not only did contact the vineyard to source the wine but when he realised they do not export to the UK, he then found the exact grape variety and a wine that tasted identical.

Our family friend is very impressed with the service she received and has said she will not hesitate to use Rowland’s services again.

If you would like someone that goes above and beyond, and that is knowlegable about wine then Rowland is your man. Nothing was too much of a chore and he was extremely helpful. We will be refering him to friends in future due to the excellent service has provided.


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