Mark Drage: Ambeldene Online

Life is far too short to drink strangely-priced, mass-produced supermarket wines.
Buying from an independent wine merchant though can be an intimidating
experience, which can leave you with wine that’s not much better but with a much emptier wallet.
Not so with Rowland, the Silver Fox!
Rowland is both knowledgeable and approachable; he genuinely wants to provide wines that you will enjoy.
Twice now, after Rowland’s recommendation, I have bought Woody Nook Shiraz.
Woody Nook is a muiti-award winning, boutique winery in Western Australia who trust Rowland to be their sole distributor in the North West of England.
The wines were terrific, matched the food perfectly and cost much less than you might expect.
l would urge you to trust Rowland, listen to his advice and buy your wines from the
Silver Fox.


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