Miriam Souaidi – BP Insurance Brokers

I just wanted to say how surprised I am in the difference that drinking wine at the correct temperature makes AND who would have thought I’d been doing it so wrong for so long.
I think it makes the biggest difference with red wine where I think me along with the majority of the country think, or for me thought, it should be drunk at room temperature.
Having now got the temperature right, I can honestly say it has a huge impact on the taste.

The sensor for the Wine Thermometer itself sits like a little collar round the bottle and is rechargeable which is a nice little adage bearing in mind I’ll be using it a lot. There’s also a guide in the box that indicated what category your wine falls into…ie full / medium bodied reds etc which then tallies up with the thermometer base and tells you what temperature your wine should be at. Its then a case of sitting tight until your wine reaches perfect temperature and at that point you can sit back, relax and enjoy!

I’ve bought several gadgets in the past, the majority of which have now taken up residence in the back of kitchen cupboards never to see the light of day again but I have to say that this ones staying in easy reach read to use whenever I have a glass of wine.
I would urge anyone who likes wine to give this a try, its reasonably priced and really REALLY does make for a better drinking experience.

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