Nadia de Pol

I would like to thank Mr Rowland Hayward for his Wine Tasting evening recently held at my home, in order to raise funds for charity.

I am fund raising for the British Heart Foundation with my friend Sue Swain and due to her own successful fund raising event with Rowland, I decided to try this novel idea with my friends and family.

The evening raised a lot of interest and Rowland was very helpful in advising me how best to raise additional monies for my chosen charity. Rowland provided a wine orientated quiz and we also held a raffle. He also kindly donated 5% of all the sales proceeds to the charity.

I am very pleased to report that we raised £233 for the British Heart Foundation and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I highly recommend a wine tasting event as it is both enjoyable and educational and a fun way to raise monies for your chosen charities.

My friend Sue has arranged yet another wine tasting event and I am sure her evening will be a further fund raising success. Many thanks Rowland for your expertise and support.

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