Neil Landmann

Dear Rowland,
We have ordered from you several times now, and I can’t remember a single bottle we have not enjoyed.
However some we enjoyed more than others and one in particular was the Sherwood Estate NZ Sauvignon Blanc.
You took time to call me to let me know that it was running out and if I wanted anymore I would need to order fast to avoid disappointment.
As I had just taken delivery of a case at that time I wasn’t ready for any more. So unknown to me and to save my disappoinment, you took it upon yourself to get a case of the remaining stock and hold it for me with no obligation, in the event that I might wish to order it again.
Well that time had come and I recently took delivery of 12 bottles of the Sherwood Estate you had in stock which will keep us going for a few weeks. Unfortunately I now need to find something to replace it when we’re through these.  Oh dear more wine tastingl
Thls was only possible due to your attention to detail and follow up from our initial order to find out what we had enloyed.
lf you had not made the call you would never have known, and you would not have reserved the stock for me.

For this I am grateful and it just shows the value of follow up calls to your dients.
I would havc no hesitation recommending you Rowland, and Silver Fox Wines to any of my family, friends or colleagues.
Neil Landmann

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