Sue Swain

I would like to thank Mr Rowland Hayward for conducting a second Wine Tasting evening at my home, to help me raise funds for my chosen charity, the British Heart Foundation-

This is a novel and entertaining way to raise monies and created great interest among my friends and family.

Rowland was very helpful in advising me how best to raise additional monies for the charity. He was happy to provide a wine orientated quiz and we also held a raffle and sealed bids for certain items to boost donations. Rowland kindly donated 5% of all the sales proceeds to the charity.

For added interest, Rowland made this event a blind tasting to encourage us to savour the wine and contemplate the notes. We were encouraged to guess the type of grape, the alcohol content and the origin of each wine, and for the most part we failed miserably but this added to the overall enjoyment, with Rowland donating a free bottle of wine to the winner.

I am very pleased to report that we raised £300 for the British Heart Foundation and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening. In total, from Rowland’s tastings, I have now raised £547 for my charity and could not be more grateful for his support.

I highly recommend a wine tasting event as it is both enjoyable and educational and a fun way to raise monies for charity.

Many thanks once again Rowland for your expertise and support. Sue Swain

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