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The Changing face of Silver Fox Wines Ltd

New wines

Today we are launching our new range of wines, from different countries such as Thailand, India, Austria and Lebanon.

We have already added more than 50 new wines and there are still more to come!

Also, we have changed the way our website looks and feels. Have a look

. Hopefully you will find it easier to search for the wine you wish to buy.

. You can choose the category of wine if you like sparkling, white, red or rosé wine.

. We have also added in pictures of our best sellers and the latest wines we have added to our portfolio.

. There is also a new search bar for you to use to find a particular wine more easily.

. We have an information bar with brief news.

. You can still request a free eBook from us, which entitles you to 10% off your first order for all non-sale items. Go to eBook page.

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to catch up on new wines being added or deals that become available too.

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