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The Punt in a bottle

Why does a wine bottle have a punt? This is what that ‘dimple’ at the bottom of the bottle is actually called.

There are quite a few tales in folklore about why wine bottles have punts, and here are a few of them:

Your wine will chill more easily

Punts catch sediment – we think this is a good answer

If you look at 2 bottles that are 750ml and their punts are different, then it can be an optical illusion that one bottle holds more than the other….

A bottle with a punt shows that it is a well made or a wine of quality…..that idea doesn’t hold water or wine!

Wines can be stored easily if stacked as the top of one bottle will fit into the bottom of another one – this one is valid.

When pouring wine, if you hold the bottle with your thumb in the punt, you can control the flow accurately, although if the bottle slips that would be a waste of good wine.

So, have a look at some of the bottles we have as they can come in different shapes and sizes with different size punts, but they all hold 750ml of wine.

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