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Vegan wines

November is World Vegan Month

The Vegan Society

Silver Fox Wines Ltd has nearly 80 wines suitable for those who prefer vegan or vegetarian wines.  These come from a variety of countries, made with different grapes. Prices range from £7.75 for a Costa Cruz Rosada to £29.75 for a delicious Amarone Elite.

Costa Cruz Rosada and Amarone Elite

Vegan wines are made without using animal products. Winemakers can use non-animal fining products usually bentonite, which is a form of clay or pea protein. Alternatively they can leave the particles to sink naturally to the bottom of the wine.

For more information regarding Veganism, visit the Vegan Society.

We have created some cases of wines that are all suitable for our customers who prefer a Vegan or Vegetarian wine. There are 6 bottles in each collection; these are designed to give you a choice of red, white or a mixed collection of red, white and rose wines. Of course, when you are in our shop and you select Vegan as a feature, you will be able to see our full selection of vegan wines

All the collections include delivery – so No extra cost!

Our White Vegan Collection (6 bottles)

3 fresh white wines from Italy, Australia and France (2 of each wine)

Our Red Vegan Collection (6 bottles)

Our Mixed Vegan Collection (6 bottles)

Our variety of wines to tempt you from France, South Africa and Italy (2 of each wine)

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