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What is a New World Wine?

New World vs Old World: What’s the Difference?

In the broadest of terms, it comes down to where modern winemaking traditions originated.

Beyond this, a couple of other key factors in taste and flavour get lumped under the stylistic references to “old world” and “new world” wines. (As you can guess, there are a few exceptions.) For example:

Old World Wine Characteristics:

  • Lighter body
  • Lower alcohol
  • Higher acidity
  • Less fruity, more mineral flavours

New World Wine Characteristics:

  • Fuller body
  • Higher alcohol
  • Lower acidity
  • Pronounced fruit flavours

Of course, this is almost like the difference between cool climate and warm climate wines.

New World Countries include Australia, India, South Africa, Thailand and the South Americas.

Old World Countries include Italy, Spain, Portugal, Georgia and Romania. These lists are not extensive.

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