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Wine labels – part 2

How much do wine labels influence us?

After looking at the branding, the next important item is the provenance of the wine. 

Wine Provenance

After you have looked at the design of the label, it is possible to read on the label information pertaining to the basic provenance of the wine so you can obtain information about the quality of the wine.


Fundamentally, wine is an agricultural product that is grown in a specific place. In today’s wine market, most bulk wines are sourced from a variety of places and have more generalized regional information, whereas wines created from a specific place will have a specific location (or even vineyard) indicated on the label. Looking for wines sourced from a more specific location is a good way to improve your shot of getting a higher quality wine.

Classification Level

In locations like France, Italy, and Spain, the wine regions have classifications associated with the wines, which require a certain minimum quality. As you can imagine, each country and each region has their own tier of classification. For example, Prosecco has several tiers of quality classification in which Prosecco DOC is the most basic and Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG is a step above in terms of quality classification. Paying attention to these classification levels on the bottle can help you delve into better wines from the same region.

Drink Better Wine

After this reading this I hope you are encouraged to pay more attention to wine provenance on your favourite bottles, and find great-tasting wines regardless of good marketing!

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