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Home Wine Tasting

Hand Crafted Boutique Wines

Tasting Wines at Home

Enjoy A Fun Wine Tasting Experience at any venue of your choice

Silver Fox Wines do not just sell quality wine.
We help our customers understand more about the wine they drink and how to enjoy the experience more.
With so many wines on offer it can be confusing knowing what to buy from a supermarket as there is often no-one to get advice from.

Tasting wine before buying is becoming popular.
Hundreds of people in Lancashire have enjoyed buying their wines at one of our tastings.

We offer Home Wine Tastings in Lancashire and Cumbria

We offer Home Wine Tastings anywhere in Lancashire

Why not host a wine tasting in your own home or other venue?
A wine tasting is a great idea for a fun night in.
You can get together with friends, family, and colleagues.
You will taste six different hand crafted wines and learn how to taste wine the fun way.
Silver Fox Wines will come to you and bring everything needed for a fun and interesting tasting, including the glasses.

We believe our Wine Tastings are amongst the best value in the country and can be held anywhere in Lancashire.
Most companies will charge over £20.00 per person and you often have to travel to the venue. We come to you.

From 6 – 14 tasters £12.00 per person*
From 15 – 30 tasters £10.00 per person*
From 31 – 40 tasters £7.00 per person*

For larger groups and fundraising opportunities we can cater for up to 100 people.  Please complete the form below.

These prices include 6 different boutique wines.
Any wine left over after the tasting can be consumed by the guests.
We will supply the tasting glasses and sheets to make tasting notes.

* Please note if the number of tasters does not reach the required number on the day of the event, an extra charge will be made commensurate to the actual number attending.

You will learn how temperature and aeration of wine can vastly improve your wine drinking experience.
Learn what to look for when choosing your wine. Try grape varieties you may never have heard of.
Try wines from different countries all in one session. You may even want to theme the tasting with wines from a single country.

Try Before You Buy – You cannot do that in a supermarket.

Wine tastings work well for nights in, work socials and charity fundraisers.

Don’t just take our word for it; read what some of our customers have had to say.

Our wines are not industrially produced and you won’t find them in supermarkets. With prices starting as low as £8.00 they are amazing value.
We also have a range of Organic, Vegetarian, Vegan and Biodynamic wines you can choose from.
You can of course buy wines online, without signing up to anything, and our minimum order is only six bottles.
The wines in a case can be mixed in any way making it easier for you to try something new.
Wine glasses


Book for any day of the week, afternoon or evenings.

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