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So excited that we are the winners in the SME 2021 Awards.

The Silver Fox is happy that we can once again offer you a Wine Tasting in your home, meeting place, at a fund raising event or even in a barn… yes we have held one in a barn! 

These tastings are available in Lancashire.  If you are further afield, we can still offer you a Virtual Wine Tasting.  These are extremely popular, with group sizes ranging from a couple in 1 house, to a fund raising event held online for 85 people.  

Silver Fox Wines Ltd do not just sell quality wine.
We help our customers understand more about the wine they drink and how to enjoy the experience more.
With so many wines on offer it can be confusing knowing what to buy from a supermarket as there is often  no-one to get advice from.


Wine Tastings in Lancashire

Wine tastings are usually for groups of at least 6 people, gathered together, for an entertaining evening, enjoying wine they may have not tried previously.  We can offer a tasting for up to 40 people in your venue, which is great for fund raising or even a corporate event to thank colleagues for all their fabulous work over the last couple of years! 

The Silver Fox will arrive with all that is needed, including the wine (of course), glasses, tasting notes and many interesting facts from the world of wine.  You will be tasting 6 different wines, usually 2 x white wines, 1 x rose wine and 3 x red wines.  This can be changed if you prefer a different selection.  

Due to many choices available, please can you call or email us so we can understand how many you wish to attend the wine tasting and the format you would like. Based on that we will give you a price per head.*

Or …………………..

Enjoy A Fun Wine Tasting Experience in your own home, with family and friends, a corporate event or perhaps for a special event like a birthday. 

The Silver Fox Virtual Wine Experience

The wine experience can be delivered to households around the UK. Each house receives a delivery of 6 tasting bottles of wine, enough for 2 people, there are 2 x white wines, 1 x rose wine, 2 x red wines and a Prosecco. In addition tasting notes, how and why we taste wine information, a quiz and some great interesting facts from the world of wine are also included. Included in the cost is the shipment as well.  You can decide if you would like a romantic evening with just 2 of you enjoying the wine or else if you would like the Silver Fox to host whilst on a Zoom call with you and other households.  We had already sold several of these before our launch of this product!

For more information, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

How does it work?
We will provide for each household participating, the wine and tasting notes.  The organiser will be sent the Zoom call details a day or so before the call.

If the participants are all local to the organiser, this will be delivered to the organiser in a box for each household.  The organiser may decide to provide cheese, or each household can sort their own out.  We will advise which would be suitable for each wine.  If the wine needs to be sent to different areas of the UK, we will do that.

On the evening, you will join The Silver Fox at the Zoom tasting.  He will then stay on the call as long as required.  He will discuss wine tasting techniques and introduce the wines to be tasted.

This is a great fun evening to virtually meet up with friends and family or to celebrate that special occasion. You will taste 6 different hand crafted wines.

Due to many choices available, please can you call or email us so we can understand how many you wish to attend the wine tasting and the format you would like. Based on that we will give you a price per head.*

Unlike others who offer virtual wine tastings, we provide the wine, glasses (if you are local) and tasting notes, all supplied in a safe and covid secure manner.

* Please note if the number of tasters does not reach the required number on the day of the event, an extra charge will be made commensurate to the actual number attending.

You will learn how temperature can vastly improve your wine drinking experience.
Learn what to look for when choosing your wine. Try grape varieties you may never have heard of.
Try wines from different countries all in one session. You may even want to theme the tasting with wines from a single country.

Try Before You Buy – You cannot do that in a supermarket.

Virtual Wine tastings work well for nights in with colleagues, friends and family.

Don’t just take our word for it; read what some of our customers have had to say.

Wine glasses

Our wines are not industrially produced and you won’t find them in supermarkets. We also have a range of Organic, Vegetarian, Vegan and Bio-dynamic wines you can choose from.
You can of course buy wines online, without signing up to anything, and our minimum order is only six bottles.
The wines in a case can be mixed in any way making it easier for you to try something new.

Book for any day of the week, afternoon or evenings.

If you would like information about a tasting, please  fill out your details below and we will contact you.

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