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Currently we are experiencing some problems regarding obtaining some of our wines. Warehouses are closed so some wines are not available and our selection is slightly reduced. This will change when we come out of lockdown.

In the meanwhile, for a limited period, we have been able to cut the price of more than a dozen wines by at least £2.00 per bottle. This is making some great value wines. Take a look and see if there are any that are tempting to you.

Mix and match any of these wines, or any others in the shop to create a case of 6 wines. We are not a club, you can buy whatever you like, whenever you like.

Uva Macabeo

Scribble Verdhelho

Aromar Macabeo

Aromar Garnacha Tempranillo

Nivarius Rioja Blanco

Ranina Rkatsiteli

Ranina Saperavi

Black Doktor

Somewhere Else Cabernet Franc

Somewhere Else Petit Verdot

Tucumen Cabernet Sauvignon

Richland Black Shiraz

Not Your Grandma’s Riesling

Tucumen Reserve Chardonnay

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